FLEX Options-Meet FLEX-FA

In order to provide our customers the best FLEX execution services, XFA’s FLEX team created a tailormade platform, FLEX-FA to streamline intraday quoting of FLEX options, enhancing the speed and reach of XFA’s brokerage services. FLEX-FA standardize and automates the RFQ process and benefits our customer by increasing liquidity and promoting best price execution.

With a broker team that is dedicated to only FLEX options XFA provides an unparalleled level of execution and market liquidity.

FLEX Options can be made for any index, ETF or Equity that has listed options. From single-leg calls and put to complex spreads, on-exchange liquidity providers are able to price a wide range of strategies. Why is this worth noting?

Using customized hedging solutions with XFA allows you to benefit from:

  • Custom Contract Terms – Strike Prices with American/European Exercise Styles
  • Reduced Counter-Party Risks – Flex options do not require ISDA docs and clear at the OCC
  • Competitive Pricing – XFA sources liquidity from multiple entities providing best price execution
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