FLEX Options

XFA uses the Cboe FLEX platform to provide you with customized hedging solutions. Cboe FLEX execution creates structures that mirror commonly traded OTC products.

With a broker team that is dedicated to only FLEX options XFA provides an unparalleled level of execution and market liquidity.

Flex options can expire on any tradeable date with virtually any strike price in (0.01) penny increments or as percentage terms off closing prices. Underlying products include SPX, SPY, RUT, NDX and other tradeable indexes as well as thousands of equities, ETFs, ETNs, and ADRs. Why is this worth noting?

Using customized hedging solutions with XFA allows you to benefit from:

  • Custom Contract Terms – Strike Prices with American/European Exercise Styles
  • Reduced Counter-Party Risks – Flex options do not require ISDA docs and clear at the OCC
  • Competitive Pricing – XFA sources liquidity from multiple entities providing best price execution
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